Am I eligible for car subscription?

At HelloCars Subscription, we ensure that accessing a car is an easier and more reasonable process than alternatives like car financing or leasing arrangements. There are no application fees, so no matter your circumstances we encourage you to apply and our friendly team based in Sydney can assist through the entire process.

Am I eligible for car subscription?

No matter your circumstances, HelloCars considers every subscription application on an individual basis. We have a basic criteria that all subscribers need to meet in order to subscribe to our cars. So whether you have a home mortgage or are currently unemployed, our basic criteria will ensure you have a fair chance of getting on the road.

Hold a valid Australian (P2 or above) or equivalent international drivers license that has not been cancelled or suspended in the past 3 years

Be at least 21 years old and not over 75 years old

Not use any subscription vehicle for the purpose of operating a ridesharing service

Not have had any criminal, drink or drug driving convictions in the last 5 years

Not have made two or more motor insurance claims in the last 3 years

You currently live or reside in the Greater Sydney area

People also ask

Will a credit check will be performed when I apply for HelloCars subscription?

When you apply for HelloCars subscription, an identity check and credit report will be performed. We may also request documents including utility bills, bank statements and pay slips as part of our commitment to responsible spending. The credit report check will appear on your credit history.

Can I use car subscription even if I have bad credit?

Our criteria for car subscription is far more reasonable than finance and far more affordable than buying a car, so even with bad credit you can still start driving on subscription provided you can afford the weekly subscription payments.

Unlike car finance, with car subscription you are not locked into any long-term contracts so you are welcome to return the car anytime after the minimum subscription term.

To see if you are eligible, simply book any car for subscription and get instant online approval in less than 60 seconds.

How will HelloCars confirm my identity?

Upon subscribing with HelloCars, we will require either a valid Australian (P2 or above) or equivalent international drivers license. Thanks to our quick and simple booking process, there's no need to upload photos of these documents. All you need to do is enter your details in our sign-up form.

Can I use car subscription if I am not an Australian citizen?

Yes! In fact, we think HelloCars Subscription is the smartest way to drive while you are visiting Australia. As long as you hold an equivalent international drivers license and meet the remaining eligibility criteria, you are welcome to apply.


Subscribe to drive in three easy steps

HelloCars Subscription is the easy and affordable alternative to car ownership. It offers the flexibility of car rental with the premium, fully-serviced experience of a car lease.

Reserve a car

Choose any car you like and reserve it online in a few minutes with a refundable security deposit.

HelloCars Browse

Build Your Plan

There are a few plans to choose from, starting from just $149 per week. Bundle in options like an additional driver policy to suit your needs.

Pay as You Drive

Pick up your car from HelloCars and pay week-to-week while you're subscribed. Swap or return the car as your needs change.



Why drive on a car subscription alternative?

Own the drive, not the cost

These aren't your cookie-cutter rental cars. With our car rental alternative, you can choose any vehicle that catches your eye and treat it like it’s your own. You’ll never blow your budget on registration, insurance or maintenance again.

As flexible as your lifestyle

There’s no long-term commitment. The minimum term is as short as 30 days, so whether you want to swap, upgrade, or opt for a larger model, we can accommodate all of your requirements.

No unwelcome surprises

Owning a car comes with a host of expenses. However, with our car subscription alternative, there’s no need to worry about managing it all. Our bumper-to-bumper warranty covers you for as long as you're subscribed.

One affordable weekly payment

Our car rental alternative takes the stress out of traditional ownership. Everything you need to get on the road is covered in one affordable weekly payment.


What is included with my HelloCars Subscription?

Everything you need to get on the road with HelloCars Subscription is included in one affordable weekly payment. All you need to cover is fuel and tolls. With our fully serviced vehicle, there’s no doubt you’ll save your money with our car subscription alternative.

Woman standing with Range Rover Evoque

Car Rego & Insurance

Avoid the budget stress of paying registration and car insurance each year - it's all covered in your weekly payment.

Servicing & Maintenance

Enjoy complimentary servicing and ongoing maintenance with your subscription at conveniently located providers.

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

Know you're covered if anything should go wrong with a vehicle warranty for the entire duration of your subscription.

Roadside Assistance

Help is never far away with roadside assistance cover included as standard with all HelloCars Subscription plans.

Frequently asked questions

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