HelloCars is around half the cost of a normal long term car rental

Rather than exceeding your budget and dealing with further costs down the line, is the most affordable and flexible alternative to a long term car rental. Get out on the road immediately,

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How Much Can I Save With Car Subscription?

Owning and operating a car is expensive. The hidden costs of interest and depreciation together with the ongoing costs of registration, insurance and maintenance add up to far more than most drivers realise. Rather than exceeding your budget, you’ll be pleased  by our flexible and affordable long term car rental service that lets you drive for one affordable, all-inclusive weekly payment. 

Ready to see how our long term car rental services could benefit you? Try our car subscription calculator to see how much you could be saving. 

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*This is a comparison as of October, 2021. No ownership is possible with HelloCars. On-road costs such as registration, CTP insurance, comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance and scheduled servicing are calculated using national yearly averages for capital cities based on the Transport Affordability Index provided by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA).


Subscribe to drive in three easy steps

An easy and affordable alternative to car ownership, our service offers you complete flexibility, so you can change or upgrade your vehicle to suit your lifestyle, needs and day-to-day requirements. Unlike other long term car rentals in Sydney, we’ll take care of insurance, registration and routine maintenance — so you’ll have a fully-serviced experience of a car lease. 

Reserve a car

Choose any car you like and reserve it online in a few minutes with a refundable security deposit.

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Build Your Plan

There are a few plans to choose from, starting from just $149 per week. Bundle in options like additional drivers to suit your needs.

Pay as You Drive

Pick up your car from HelloCars and pay week-to-week while you're subscribed. Swap or return the car as your needs change.



Why drive on car subscription?

Own the drive, not the cost

Choose any car within your allocated budget and treat it like your own. With our long term car rental service, you’ll never have to pay for registration, insurance or maintenance again.

As flexible as your lifestyle

With minimum terms of 30 days, there’s no long term commitment. Need a bigger car or a newer model? Simply swap or return your vehicle for another long term car rental.

No unwelcome surprises

No need to worry about the nuts and bolts of car ownership again. With our long term car rental service, you’re covered by our bumper-to-bumper warranty for as long as you're subscribed.

One affordable weekly payment

Everything you need to get on the road is covered in one weekly payment that’s a part of our long term car rental service subscription.


What is included with my HelloCars Subscription?

Everything you need to get on the road with HelloCars Subscription is included in one affordable weekly payment. All you need to cover is fuel and tolls.

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Car Rego & Insurance

Avoid the budget stress of paying registration and car insurance each year - it's all covered in your weekly payment.

Servicing & Maintenance

Enjoy complimentary servicing and ongoing maintenance with your subscription at conveniently located providers.

Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

Know you're covered if anything should go wrong with a vehicle warranty for the entire duration of your subscription.

Roadside Assistance

Help is never far away with roadside assistance cover included as standard with all HelloCars Subscription plans.

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