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HelloCars Subscription provides a personalised and flexible alternative to traditional car ownership that allows you to drive for a recurring subscription fee that includes most of the on-road costs typically associated with car ownership. This includes registration, insurance, servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance. The subscription fee excludes fuel, fuel additives and tolls.


For some subscription plans, a non-refundable upfront fee may apply in the form of an establishment fee which is payable upon activation of a subscription. This upfront fee is intended to cover the costs associated with provisioning a vehicle, including procurement, vehicle preparation, cleaning and detailing.

All subscription plans require a refundable security deposit which is held as collateral against the vehicle for the duration of the subscription. The refundable security deposit may be used to recover costs incurred by HelloCars such as returning the vehicle to its original condition, or paying down any arrears at the conclusion of the subscription. A refundable security deposit cannot be used to pay down any arrears while a subscription remains active.

The refundable security deposit amount ranges from $500 to $2,500 and is dependent on the results of an assessment performed during the subscription booking process. This subscription booking process includes a credit assessment, identity verification, fraud detection, and from time-to-time HelloCars may request additional documentation to perform a further manual assessment to determine eligibility and the refundable security deposit amount. In lieu of a higher deposit amount, you may choose to pay a $25 weekly Assessment Premium to reduce your deposit amount.

To use the HelloCar Subscription service, one or more valid payment methods must be provided. You can choose to pay your recurring subscription fees via credit or debit card, or bank direct debit. The security deposit and any upfront fee is defaulted to the credit or debit card used during the subscription booking process. You may choose to make subsequent payments using bank direct debit, or an alternative credit or debit card. Credit and debit card transaction fees are outlined in the table below. No transaction fees apply for bank direct debit. To change your payment method or request the removal of an existing payment method, simply contact HelloCars.

All subscription plans require you to serve a mandatory minimum term. There are no fees or charges incurred to cancel your subscription, however HelloCars requires 30 days written notice before cancelling your subscription, during which time you are able to use your vehicle as normal. Fees for cancelling your subscription before the minimum term expires or not providing the required notice are outlined in the table below.

ADDITIONAL FEES AND CHARGES (INC GST) Effective October 1st, 2023

Fee Type



Late fee


A late fee is applied to a customer account when an invoice becomes more than 7 days overdue.

Credit or Debit Card Transaction Fee

2% of the total transaction

Transaction fee will appear itemised on each invoice when the default payment method is a credit or debit card. No transaction fees apply for bank direct debit.

Refueling Fee

$30.00 admin fee + cost of fuel top up amount

A refuelling fee applies where the vehicle has been returned to HelloCars without topping up to the same fuel level at which the vehicle was collected.

Additional Kilometre Charge

$0.38 per kilometre

Calculated in arrears based on the weekly kilometre limit of the chosen subscription plan and itemised on the next invoice. Usage is calculated using GPS data and may not reflect the vehicle odometer. Kilometre limit applies as per the chosen billing cycle. Kilometre limit is smoothed for the duration of the billing cycle. Any unused kilometres within a Billing Cycle period are forfeited.

Payment Dispute Fee

$80.00 admin fee + any other fees imposed on HelloCars

If you initiate a payment dispute which is subsequently shown to be unfounded we reserve the right to charge you a fee to cover our administrative costs of processing the chargeback and additionally any processing or other fee which has been imposed upon us by a third party payment processor in connection with the unfounded chargeback.

Early Return Fee

$500.00 + Minimum 30 days subscription charges

An early return fee applies if you return the vehicle prior to the expiration of the minimum term of your subscription plan. Not exceeding the minimum cost of your subscription plan. A Notice Period Fee may be charged in addition to the Early Return Fee if you cancel your subscription plan within the minimum term and fail to serve your return notice period.

Notice Period Fee

Up to 30 days subscription charges

A Notice Period Fee applies where you fail to serve the applicable return notice period for your subscription plan, usually 30 days. The Notice Period Fee is equivalent to the subscription charges for days not served, up to 30 days.

Cancellation Fee


A cancellation fee applies where you have paid a refundable security deposit but failed to activate your subscription due to change of mind or otherwise not due to any fault of HelloCars.

Swap Fee


Where you are otherwise not entitled to a free swap based on the chosen subscription plan, a Swap Fee applies if you choose to swap your subscription vehicle . A $50 deposit is required to reserve a vehicle to swap which is then applied as a credit to your account once the swap has been completed. If you fail to complete a swap within 48 hours of reserving a vehicle, the $50 deposit is forfeited.

Toll Processing Fee

$3.50 per toll + any other fees imposed on HelloCars

A toll processing fee applies where HelloCars has incurred a toll fee for your subscribed vehicle during your subscription period. The toll processing fee includes the toll fee, a number plate recognition fee and an administration fee of $3.50 per toll.

Infringement Notice Fee

$50.00 admin fee + any other fees imposed on HelloCars

An infringement notice fee will be incurred for each infringement notice processed by HelloCars.

Deoderisation Fee


A $400.00 deodorisation fee applies where there is a smoke odour or otherwise undesirable odour in the vehicle upon return.

Detailing Fee

$250.00 + any other fees imposed on HelloCars

A $250.00 detailing fee applies where the vehicle is not returned in the same condition with regards to cleanliness. We require that the vehicle is washed and vacuumed upon return. Additionally any other fee which has been imposed upon us by a third party as part of the detailing process.

Repossession Fee

$200.00 admin fee + any other fees imposed on HelloCars

A repossession fee applies where HelloCars has repossessed your subscribed vehicle for any reason during your subscription period. The repossession fee includes the repossession agent fees, towing fees, transport fees, storage fees and an administration fee of $200.00. A typical Repossession Fee will be upwards of $700.

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