Good Driver Discount

Isn't it about time your good driving paid off?

When you subscribe with HelloCars, you automatically qualify for a $50 Good Driver Discount off your weekly subscription charges. That's right – safe driving habits can save you over $200 a month!

How It Works

At HelloCars, we're dedicated to promoting safer roads while rewarding conscientious drivers. Introducing the HelloCars Good Driver Discount - where excellence in driving meets unbeatable savings.

Drive Safely

Keep a keen eye on your driving habits. Our state-of-the-art telematics device in your vehicle meticulously measures everything from speeding to braking patterns.

Score for More

Aim to keep your driving score at a stellar 6.0 or higher (15.0 being the best). Show us you're one of the best drivers on the road!

Don't Sweat It

If your score does rise, we'll email you. You'll have until the end of the next period to polish up those driving skills and keep your discount.

Safe Driving Essentials

Improve Your Driving Score

Incorporate these smart driving tips into your daily routine to not only improve your driving score but also contribute positively to road safety and your overall driving enjoyment. Safe travels!

Adapt with Awareness: Always adjust your driving style and speed according to current traffic and weather conditions. The road is ever-changing – your driving should be too.

Stay Focused: Keep your attention solely on the road. Distractions can wait. Being 100% focused means you're always ready to react appropriately to any situation.

Plan Ahead: Know your route before you start the engine. Anticipating turns, exits, and congestion can significantly reduce last-minute decisions and ensure a smoother ride.

Eyes Up, Distance Safe: Keep your gaze ahead and maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front. This not only gives you a better view of the road but also more time to react to sudden stops or changes.

Smooth Operations: Aim for gentle accelerations and decelerations. Smooth handling of the gas and brake not only conserves fuel but also reduces wear and tear on your vehicle.

Have a question? We have answers.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with our Sydney-based customer service team.

What is the Good Driver Discount?

The Good Driver Discount is an exclusive offer from HelloCars that rewards safe and responsible drivers. When you subscribe with HelloCars, you automatically qualify for a $50 Good Driver Discount off your weekly subscription charges which is already included in the advertised weekly subscription price.

How is my driving score calculated?

HelloCars has partnered with Greater Than to help promote safer driving. Greater Than analyzes behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and other factors that contribute to the risk of incidents.

What is the range of the driving scores?

The driving scores range from 1.0 to 15.0, with 15.0 being the best possible score and 1.0 being the worst.

How often is my driving score calculated?

Your driving score is calculated monthly, from the 15th of the previous month to the 14th of the current month.

What happens if my score goes below 6.0?

If your score falls below 6.0, the Good Driver Discount will be paused. You'll be notified via email and will have until the end of the next calculation period to improve your score and reinstate your discount.

Can I lose my Good Driver Discount permanently?

Your discount can be temporarily removed if your score falls below 6.0. However, it can be reinstated once you maintain or return to a score of 6.0 or better for two consecutive monthly calculation periods.

How can I check my current driving score?

You can request your current driving score from HelloCars at any time by writing to us.

What constitutes a ‘good’ driving score?

A 'good' driving score with HelloCars is considered to be 6.0 or higher (out of 15.0). This score reflects safe, responsible driving behaviors. Greater Than's AI-powered platform analyzes GPS driving data to quantify risk, offering insights into safe driving behaviour. By maintaining a score of 6.0 or better, you demonstrate driving habits that not only ensure your safety on the road but also contribute positively towards environmental sustainability. This partnership reflects our commitment to promoting safer driving behaviors while embracing technology-driven solutions for a better future.

How can I improve my driver safety score?

Improve your safety score by adhering to speed limits, avoiding harsh braking and rapid accelerations. Monitor your score regularly to identify areas for improvement. Safe, consistent driving habits are key to enhancing your score and maintaining eligibility for rewards like the Good Driver Discount.

What if there are additional drivers on my subscription?

If your subscription includes additional drivers, each one's driving behavior will impact the overall driving score. It's important for all drivers to adhere to safe driving practices to maintain or improve the collective score. Ensure every driver understands the criteria and aims for safe, responsible driving.

What should I do if I believe my driving score is incorrect?

If you have concerns about the accuracy of your driving score, please contact HelloCars directly. We're committed to ensuring our customers are fairly evaluated and will investigate any discrepancies thoroughly.

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